To the left, to the left, to the right to the righ
'05/'06 NBA Record ATS: 122-95 (56%)
'06/'07 NBA Record ATS: 29-16 (64%)

I documented this line at the other site a few hours ago when it was still available, but I was walking out the door so couldn't get it over here. I hope it's ok to post this line here.

Washington PK (-115 @ Pinnacle)
Philly won't win this shit without the boy A.I. Period.


Nice line man...should be good up to 2-3 IMO

Washington with 3 good games in a row? Scary proposition
If Washington blows this game, they should honestly forfeit the remainder of the season. They should end their season right now. Serious.
Think Wash's alot like my Bulls... very streaky... win 8/10, drop 8/10. I think they are in the win 8/10 run right now after being embarassed in Chicago. Winning in NY ended the streak, now they realize there's situations where you can't drop games... this is one of them on the road.
Good Luck BDK...

I think am the lone CTG member on Philly...I feel lonely on this one but took at +4...so lets all win and some of us PUSH...I'd like to win...so Wiz by 3!

I truly think AI is more detrimental to Philly then beneficial. They dont have much size but they do have talent IMO....Wiz dont play D and dont have much size either so I rode home court and a near 5 pt adjustment for 1player
wiz start out slow but Arenas hit a long 3 at the buzzer in the 1st - hope this gets them going now
Nut, this team doesn't want AI. I was thinking they would play HARD. I just fig'd this is more important of a game to the Wiz and that Philly is working back-in peg leg C Webb
We got this Washington game homie!

I had Washington -3 2nd Quarter, and it covered because of Gil's final shot at the buzzer! YES!!!!