12/17/06 NFL Sides/Totals


Friend of CTG
Cleveland Browns +13 -105 4 units
Washington Foreskins +10 -105 4 units
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +13 -102 4 units
thanks yeah i tyhink tha skins line is a lil shaded after how bad saints got in my boys las week in primetime. we will see what happens, good luck today
Betting on gradkowski is like playin with hand gernade that has the pin already pulled..G luck
heh really doesnt matter who is tha QB in that bucs O, its still a sad sight.

rattay 2/7 17 yards
Might get lucky tru and hit a moose on this one.. Rattay deserves tampa backers a backdoor cover after blowing one last week.
i hope so. i dont care if gruden goes out an plays QB aslong as they cover thats what matters to me
Philadelphia Eagles +6 -105 4 units
Arizona Cardinals +3 -110 4 units
Oakland Raiders -3 +105 4 units
thanks john, woulda liked ta seen oakland show up, or zona keep it close. good mornin gave back some late. still positive day though