To the left, to the left, to the right to the righ
'05/'06 NBA Record ATS: 122-95 (56%)
'06/'07 NBA Record ATS: 32-18 (64%)

Denver 1Q -1.5 (-110 @ Pinnacle)
Denver 1H -2.5 (-115 @ Pinnacle)
I'm 6-0 on Denver games so I think I have a decent handle on this team. Already a huge amount written about this game. Very rare for me to jump on board with such a huge consensus, but this is one of those rare times. This is situational handicapping 101. I'm taking the 1Q and 1H because I think Denver comes out possessed and I don't wanna see a moose at the end. Atlanta cannot hang tonight under these circumstances. I'll pay 2 units to see it.

GL Killa. And I agree on both counts. I have a feeling ATL is not going to hit 5 3ptrs in 1Q this time. I guess you're done at the "other place" now?
Captain Slap A Hoe said:
No doubt son

*still waiting for Sportsbook to release the lines*

hahahha get a pinny or greek account
Wad- I mean the other place is what it is. I'll post my plays there because there's no reason not to, but there's not much there in the way of actual discussion on the games. I post a nightly discussion thread here, where we all convene and have a give and take session. It's really cool and it's a big help to us all. GREAT to see you here.

BTW guys, Denver is 6-0 vs. the 1H line off a loss this season.
Sup TightWad, glad to see you here...dunno if you saw my post @ Covers since they deleted it :-\ this is gsob8

Anyways, I seriously must have single-handedly forced Sportsbook to just put that damn line up, cause they finally did :an_roll_laugh: and now I can hit it before I go back to sleep :eek:

And thecakeoff, I do have a Greek account and a Pinny account, they're just both @ $0 right now until I become a little more financially well-off (I addressed this in another thread, I try to cashout once every 1 or 2 days, and Sportsbook allows that for free)

Anyways I think I'm going to hit the 1st Q, 1st Half and Game

and then parlay Denver with two other teams maybe for later in the week and try to make some $$$
hey captain/gsob8 - i saw your quick post yesterday. GL tonight.
I usually pester Sportsbook.com also to try and get them to post the lines. I always call them pussies and tell them that Pinny is going to get my business. All they need to do is look at my bankroll to find that it is small as hell, and I have no right to gripe. lol.
killa - i like the 1Q and 1H plays. I also got the Nugs -3.5 (game) last night at pinny, for 2 units, and now it's up to -6.

What do you think about trying for the middle? I'm new to this and appreciate any input from you guys. Thanks.
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redbearde said:
For Example.

He's around. The Search function is pretty useful.

Welcome to the site.


Yeah, thanks redbearde. I've been checking out this site for awhile now, just haven't gotten around to posting...

Just asking Killa about billy since they're roommates.

Before reading this I found the thread in General Discussion, but, I haven't seen any plays yet...

I think he's been busy stirring up shit at covers the last few days...

but I'm sure he'll post plays again. He usually does so sometime between now and the next few hours. Just keep an eye on the NBA forum.

Looks good GL
Bill is in Charleston for the day and won't be posting any plays.
You are so damn unconventinal. You ever heard of a straight bet? Always trying to be different. Well whatever your doing it looks like it's working. I'm not sure how Atlanta gets anything done tonight, but my only worry about playing the 1Q would be them having an emotional lift from playing in front of the 100 or so fans that will be at the game after a long road trip. What the fuck am I saying. Nevermind, looks great.
LOL JP. I go through phases every season. I'll fuck with quarters for a few weeks. Then sides for a few weeks. Then totals. I get hot with something, then I ditch it lol. I dunno maybe I get bored. Nah but this particular one I just thought the lines were too cheap. And they were, as they've shot up everywhere. GL tonight man.