To the left, to the left, to the right to the righ
'05/'06 NBA Record ATS: 122-95 (56%)
'06/'07 NBA Record ATS: 31-16 (66%)

Phoenix/Orlando 1Q O53 (-110 @ Greek)

I wish I haven't been so selective on these 1Q overs, because if I played every one of my recent leans I could be on a sick run right now. But I'm new at the 1Q shit, and new at overs in general, I've always been an unders guy. So I'm still learning, following the shit, taking notes, and being selective But you have to adapt, and this is the new NBA. High-scoring teams have been absolutely exploding in the 1Q lately. The ones I've layed off lately have usually cleared 60. I'll pay to see this stay under. I put this line at 55, so that makes it worth a shot. One team should clear 30 here, which should be enough. Like I said, I'll get off these 1Q overs when they start consistently losing, and that is not happening right now.

Good call Killa...like it...don't have my 1Q lines up, but I think that 1st half 105 is tempting so I jumped on it...also took 1st half O103 Celtics/Knicks
Best of luck my man. I tend to agree pace will be up some early and falter as game goes on.
Man U love that picture. Ok I like it too. Good luck on the play. I can't play any overs in Orlando, but I'll be rooting for ya.
I can get it for 53.5 but @ -135 on Sportsbook right now

That juice does tell me that it sounds like a winner...and seeing as I only like one other play this afternoon I'll probably bite

BOL holmes

PS - Get Yag-Z out of your avatar, its all about Nastradamus
Funny shit, I'm playing Nas' new shit as I read that. This album is HOT.
Haha, to be honest, I gave it a solid listen through the other night and I wasn't really impressed...but sometimes that how it is with me, I need to listen to a cd 3 or 4 times...I mean hell I wasn't even feelin Illmatic at first (I know, I know, blasphemy)

But I have faith in my son NaS that he wouldn't drop a wack album, especially one titled Hip Hop is Dead, so I'll give that shit a few more listen through's
Even tho there was no price for me cuz I downloaded the album free lol
Sad to say but missed layups have fucked over the Suns vs. Magic 1st Quarter bet...I've witnessed them miss 2 or 3 layups in the last minute
Well that was rough. 1 shitty beat and 1 shitty play.

Nothing can spoil my mood today tho, just found out I got a 4.0 for the Fall semester.

GL to all on your plays tonight
BDK - congrats on the perfect GPA!:cheers:

Don't worry about the picks tonight, your streak hand to end sooner or later. You'll get it back tomorrow.

NYK -6 2H
I'll happily pay to see the Celtics win by 20+ on the road
Something was way off for Howard tonight and i think his illness cost you your bet. Very tough to cap something like that.
A heartbreaking SU loss for my team, but VERY happy to close the night with a win. Keeps a gambler coming back the next day.

Congrats on getting the 4.0. As a college student i know how hard it is to get a GPA like that. What you studyin?