11/26/06 NBA Sides/Totals 43-31-1 +40.92 units


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slow start today no time right now toupdate update record later 0-4 lastnight. lookin at a few today

Toronto Raptors +1 -110 4 units
[2006-2007 NBA]
Dog Sides 40-25-1 +53.96 units

Fav Sides 3-6 -13.04 units
Overall Sides 43-31-1 +40.92 units
ML Fav 0-0 +0.00 units
ML Dog 0-0 +0.00 units
Teasers 0-0 +0.00 units
Totals 0-0 +0.00 units
Dog Sides 2nd Half 0-0-1 +0.00 units
thanks guys nba las 2 weeks has been up an down for me, few bad days then 1 good day an so on. nba jus like baseball is a long fuckin grind, so yesterday goin 0-4 really dont hurt that bad. 4-0 woulda been much better of course but its a long season time to make it back up.

good luck on all ur plays today egg an smh make that money
went 0-4 yesterday as well. I think this week would be different for us brother. With the raps as well and they looking good so far.
yeah raps up 16 at tha half, lets see em hold em an keep that big lead. 9-10-1 on tha week overall, gonna always be up an down throughout tha week an gonna half some down weeks overall. nba we got a long season, almost a 6 month regular season grind, then playoffs take another 2 or 3 months. good luck on ur plays today, lets see us both bounce back a lil today after tha bad day yesterday.
thanks man, raps looked great to half wish all games would be like that.


Seattle Supersonics +4.5 -105 4 units