11-1 NBA w/writeups.......


Brian Windhorst
SEASON (1-0)

Cleveland - 5
Well, I will be the first to admit that I am a huge Cavalier fan. With that being said, I do believe that they are the best team in the East and they do have the best player in the game. I look at their preseason as a very successful one. They only won 1 or 2 games but I was very impressed. Their starting five looks very impressive and should roll tomorrow night. Drew Gooden(one of the most underated 4s in the game) played phenominal and looks to be in top shape. Larry Hughes is starting to get healthy and will help carry the load when Lebron is on the bench. I think he will be the X factor in tomorrow's game. Yes, he played in the series against the Wizards last year BUT he was bothered by him finger. His shot, dribbling and passing was not in tune. Off the bench you have Donyelle Marshal, who seems to have a better mind set and is in peek shape. Also, Damon Jones("the best shooter in the world" lol) seems more serious this year and should have a role in tomorrow's game. BOTTOM LINE: I expect the Cavs to get up in that ass. Cleveland fans are as excited as any fans in the L. Dan Gilbert has instilled a belief and a tremendous arena for entertainment. I look for a great atmosphere and King James to explode on national TV(you didnt think I would go the whole writeup with out talking about the Chosen One did ya?). This game has the potential to be a blowout BUT Cavs will at worse cover with free throws late. 97-84 CAVS.

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