10/28/06 NCAAF Sides/Totals

thanks jump, shit was good tha las 2 nights partyin, an cappin. hope it continues into today. good luck on all ur games today, an good health on tha ones we different on.
With you on that total in the weather.... And I know you'll be with me on Ohio hahaha... GL on the fades that we agree on...
ive started to look over my overall record gettin it back finish an i noticed im playin too many fades. they havent been hittin this year like they have before, so im only hittin tha square plays along wit my totals an system plays. its sad to see how well totals an system sides have done to only piss it away sofar this year on fade favs an fade dogs. more weeks still to go before tha bowls, so theres still more time to turn it into a good season
Eastern Michigan/Western Michigan under 42.5 -110 4 units
Central Florida/Houston under 57 -110 4 units
looks like thats all tha plays for today, good luck everyone

system play

Texas Tech +10 -105 4 units
Maryland +3.5 -110 4 units
South Carolina +3.5 -110 4 units
South Carolina ML +150 1 unit


Arizona State/Washington under 49.5 -110 4 units
Washington State/UCLA under 45 -110 4 units
thanks smh, i wasnt payin attention or i woulda hit md moneyline also. day turned out to be profitable, an overall for tha week tha same. looks like a 12-4 +30.40 units ats, 1-1 +.85 units ml dogs.

got a bullshit, meaningless late td in wash st/ucla game to push it over when i was sittin on a push, but still was a great day. good luck today in nfl dog, lets cash em again today