Monday-Friday May 17th Lord Stanley Playoffs

Dallas blows a 3-0 lead and Carolina loses in 2OT. Wild night. Hope for no collapses, rather you lose 6-0 than lose up 3-0 LOL

⭐️Florida+100 (3-way-in-regulation)
Edmonchuk/Gas City Over 6-115
(Oil Cans/'Nucks)
Woke up to see Edmonchuk chuck a 3 goal lead just like Dallas night before. Wild. at least Fla cashed easy and thanks to vancouver's comeback the over cashed.
2-1 Wed/659-628YTD

⭐️Rags/Canes Over 5.5-105
Hurricanes-105 (3-way-in-regulation)
Edmonton and the over came through for a good night. No 3-4 goal leads blown this time.

Dallas/Colorado Over 6-135
Dallas let that one get away after playing so well first 2 periods. These NHL playoffs have been a bit wacky.

⭐️NY Rags/Cryonlina Over 5.5+105
⭐️Edmonchuck/Raincouver Over 6-120
Vantucky Canucks+130
Carolina Hurricanes-152
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Hit the top play over and Canucks for a nice dog and some +. Hopefully these teams take care of biz tonight..

⭐️Cowtown Stars+104
⭐️Floridumb Panthers-139
Dallas/The Box State Avalanche Over 6-120
Woke up happy to a winner from the Stars to sweep the top plays. Hope tonight brings us more winners.

⭐️Deadmonton Oil Cans-120 (3-way-in-Regulation)
Stabmonton/Van City Over 6-115