diamond cutter & kid3325i = the ambigously gay duo

  1. Kid325i

    Kid325is Official "Baseball Play".......April 17th

    Whats wrong with betting a little bases now and then? Nothing at all! Blue Jays -130 Tampa Bay RL +100 King Felix -125 Lets Get this cash fellas! :hammer: If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times! BOOM! "Rumble Young Man, Rumble!" :cheers:
  2. Diamond Cutter

    Tuesday's "Gems"

    KC royals (-136) The Indians are off to a miserable start (1-6) and their problems are likely to continue tonight. Carl Pavano got trashed in his first start allowing nine runs, six hits and walking three in one-plus innings of work and now he's matched up tonight against Kyle Davies, who was...