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Yankees/Cardinals, Padres/Dodgers, Angels/Mariners Parlay Preview Article


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Today's Plays Include a (+704) MLB Parlay

New York Yankees vs. St. Louis Cardinals
Friday, August 5, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. ET at Busch Stadium in St. Louis

Who Starts for New York?

Nestor Cortes starts for the Yankees tonight.

It is true that Cortes has been pitching well, lately.

While his last three starts were great, they came against teams that rank in the bottom half in runs per game.

Cortes will face a much tougher test today, objectively speaking, in a Cardinal squad that ranks sixth in runs per game while scoring at a higher rate in Busch Stadium.

Moreover, two of Cortes' last three starts came at home where he is more comfortable pitching.

His FIP (like ERA but factors out fielding) is 4.00 in road games compared to 2.67 in front of the Yankee faithful.

Cortes vs. Cardinal Batters

Tonight, Cortes merits pessimism because he matches up poorly against Cardinal batters given the pitches that he throws and the fact that he's a lefty.

Primarily, he throws a fastball, cutter, and slider.

These pitches make up well over 90 percent of his arsenal.

St. Louis will be his toughest test, match-up wise, in that it ranks second in slugging against these pitches from lefties.

Who Starts for St. Louis?

St. Louis starts Dakota Hudson tonight.

While Hudson has, overall, been terribly unprofitable for bettors to back, this general fact owes to his road games.

When he starts at home, the Cardinals are yielding +2.8 units.

Hudson vs. Yankee Batters

Unequivocally, Hudson is a ground ball-inducing pitcher.

So far, Hudson is yielding a 52.2 percent ground ball rate.

This tendency makes him match up well against the Yankees who are easily at their worst against ground ball-inducing pitchers.

Whereas their slugging rate is .462 against fly ball-inducing pitchers, it is .375 against ground ball-inducing ones.

Team Form

How a team performs tends to carry over from day to day.

Whereas the Yankees have lost three of four, the Cardinals enjoy strong team rhythm, having won four straight games.

San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Friday, August 5, 2022 at 10:10 p.m. ET at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

Who Starts for San Diego?

San Diego starts Sean Manaea tonight.

Troubling trends exist, which elicit concern over Manaea's reliability tonight.

For example, he has allowed two home runs in both of his last two starts.

This trend is particularly concerning because the Dodgers already do a great job of belting home runs.

They rank fifth in home runs per game.

Manaea's recent issue with home runs contributes to his poor form.

In his past two starts, he yielded an FIP well over 6.00.

Manaea vs. Dodger Batters

Besides being vulnerable to the home run ball, Manaea merits pessimism tonight because of his history against Dodger batters.

He is 0-3 with a 7.00 ERA in four career starts against L.A.

L.A. should be expected to hit him hard because it matches up well with him.

Manaea is a lefty, and the Dodgers have one of the best lefty-hitting slugging rates in terms of slugging rate.

Who Starts for Los Angeles?

The Dodgers start Tony Gonsolin today.

Bettors should automatically look to go against him because he is falling off hard.

He has allowed a combined total of 12 earned runs in his last three starts, which totaled 16 innings.

Los Angels Angels vs. Seattle Mariners
Friday, August 5, 2022 at 10:10 p.m. ET at T-Mobile Park in Seattle

Who Starts for the Angels?

Patrick Sandoval starts for the Angels tonight.

Sandoval looks uniquely reliable tonight because of his history against and in Seattle.

Against Seattle, he enjoys a 2.83 ERA in six career starts.

Moreover, his career ERA in Seattle is 2.08 in two starts.

Who Starts for Seattle?

Robbie Ray starts for Seattle.

Ray's history against the Angels is not as extensive as Sandoval's against Seattle, but it is very promising.

In his career, Ray boasts a 0.64 ERA in two starts against L.A.

One should expect Ray always to thrive against the Angels because he matches up well against them.

They rank 28th in slugging against his favorite pitches from lefties.

Best Bet: Parlay Cardinals ML at +134, Padres/Dodgers over 8.5 at -110, Angels/Mariners under 7 at -125 at +704 odds with BetOnline


I like cards Ff tt ov 1.5, I feel pretty good they can score 2 runs off Cortes thru 5, I never know w Hudson so try to avoid him.

I’m shocked lad has such a high slug vs lefties, I remember when I used to love playing lhp vs them, I have soured some on that, apparently for good reason! Lol. I wanted to like Manaea and def fade Gonsilin but couldn’t find enough about Manaea to like, over makes a lot of sense.

Ray should tan a bunch tonight!! Gl