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whats the story on Messi?
is he a good dude? has he ever gotten in trouble or anything? or in any controversy during his career?
Nope, parents moved him to Barcelona when he was 10 I think and he grew up in the academy there. Put up with a lot of shit given Barca's current financial situation....pressure from there, pressure from Argentina fans...actually retired from the Argie team for a minute because of it. Dude's 5'4" and is possibly the best ever.


Mayor of Nap
Doesn't matter what comes of this Gio is going to be red flagged for his career now

What a clusterfuck, selfish family and don't give a shit how their son will take the brunt of it
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Actually his parents sound like terrible people , didn’t realize the 2 families were this close


Mayor of Nap
Fun lineups today, only thing I'm on is Haaland anytime -165

Not like I bet City matches often but starting a chase on this likely means you won't get too crazy before it cashes


Pepi podcasting about how he hung up on Berhalter when he called about the World Cup.

All the signs are pointing towards keeping Berhalter might be untenable