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Getting closer and closer to championship games, and bowl season!!! Had one of my best weeks of the fall this past Saturday, going 9-4-1, after way too many weeks of sitting around the .500 mark/mendoza line. Small consolation, but was really only off base with one of those 4 losses...the Ducks/Utes over, which never had a chance in hindsight. Pitt got back-doored in the final minute, in what should've been an easy cover. Georgia, and really poor coaching/play calling, blew up an easy teaser. And I went 1-1-1 with the Bruins. Just about everything in the SC/UCLA game went according to plan, other than there being too many turnovers (2-3 more than expected)...which cost me the ML play. All in all though, it was a solid week, and glad to be seeing some of these games better. Anyhow, on to this week, and closing out the regular season.

North Carolina (-6.5) for 1
Baylor/Texas under 55 for 1
Missouri (+3) @ -105 for 1

Oregon (-3) for 1
Minnesota (+3.5) @ -115 for 1
Washington St (+2) for 1
Oklahoma (-2) for 1
Oklahoma/Texas Tech over 64 for 1

Will be around more this week to discuss games, make additions, and so forth. Wanted to get these up now though. As for some of my remaining leans, I like Ohio St. Hoping to get them at under a TD at some point this week. Kinda lean Iowa St, as TCU will find a way to keep it close/interesting before winning the game. And I have a definite lean in the ND/SC game, of course, which I'll share later (probably when I play it). With the line where it currently is, there's no reason to play it now. Hoping for movement though. Lastly, this week's teaser will include Kansas St and maybe Clemson...with a possible 3rd leg/team TBD too.



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That was the first 8 plays above, and here are the remaining 8 plays below. (Although 4 of them are just action plays on teams going after their 6th wins.)

Arizona St (+4) for 1

USC (-4) @ -125 for 1
Ohio St (-7) @ -120 for 1
Iowa(-1.5) to Kansas St(-2.5) to TCU(-1) for 1

Buffalo (-3.5) for 1/2
UTEP (+17) for 1/2
So Miss (-3) for 1/2
ULL (-5) for 1/2

Catching points with Notre Dame will be a popular play, which I totally get. If they're gonna cover, they will win outright imo. First off, they will have success running on SC. Everyone does. Everyone also gives up 500 to 600 yards of offense to SC.
USC is already in the Pac-12 championship game, but they still need to win here if they hope to crack the playoffs (which they will if they can somehow win out). As much as I don't want to see that, and should/will be against them 12/2 in Vegas, i still gotta back the better/more talented squad this weekend.
Is there such thing as quadruple revenge? ;) It's traditionally a series owned by the home team. Would've loved to get this down to a FG, but can live with 4 pts.