Week 11 Discussion (Current lines post #6)

Texans: they played well against Lamar, holding Baltimore in that game to 265 total yards. So they are apparently good against mobile quarterbacks. Match-up wise they should be solid against Arizona
Good point, though they did have the entire off-season to scheme. Demeco has prepared for Kyler before while with the Niners.
Dolphins I would expect to be sharp off a bye just like the 9ers - same coaching tree.

Last year Fish were up 30-0 off their bye vs. Texans at half time before allowing 15 unanswered in a 30-15 final, covering 14. Raiders beat the worst team in football 2 weeks ago, and then the Jets gifted them that game as NYJ badly outplayed them last week. Gritty run first smash mouth football being pushed by a mediocre bench coach died out 30 years ago, Raiders stink.

Expect the 9ers to win today by 3-4 scores.
I know KC’s defense is improved, but 45.5 is too low for these offenses. Primetime or not, this game goes over.