WCF's: Lakers vs Nuggets Discussion

League gave Lakers the first three quarters and asked them to do anything in the 4th to win the game and they failed. I had flashbacks of the Kings-Lakers series watching the first half of that game. It rarely becomes a distraction to the players themselves but the entire Nuggets team got caught up in it.

I think the lakers have banked in a 3 in both games now.

Similar would be nearly impossible to overcome on the road for Denver.

I really don't understand what Lebron was doing with the three point shots in that game. He could just drive to the basket and be almost guaranteed a FT attempt based on how they called the game all night (I loved Jokic demanding similar treatment on his flops ... he went 1 for 2 on his flops in that one sequence after Lebron got knocked to the court by a tornado or something). But why settle when you can get two the easy way?

Lebron lost them that game in the 4th on both sides of the court.

On a macro-scale the big differences that have led to the 2-0 start imo are the rebounding (well that one for certain) and Denver's willingness to convert turnovers into easier points. I think Denver has pushed the non-halfcourt advantage better than the Lakers.

Lakers have dominated at generating free throws and have played slightly better half court defense imo.

In last nights game, Reaves and Hachimura combined for 43 points on 26 shots..... and they lost.

I watched both games of this series and outside of the officiating, I have really enjoyed it.
Both teams were totally GASSED in the fourth...I'm assuming that's why Lebron settled for those threes and Jokic didn't score a point. Murray could barely talk in the post game interview