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UTAH and DENVER B2B Situations 2022-2023


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Eastern Conference

New York Knicks

@Utah Nov 15th
@Denver Nov 16th

Detroit Pistons

@Denver Nov 22nd
@Utah Nov 23rd

Miami Heat

@Denver Dec 30th
@Utah Dec 31st

Atlanta Hawks

@Utah Feb 3rd
@Denver Feb 4th

Milwaukee Bucks

@Utah March 24th
@Denver March 25th

These are the instances this season where a team plays B2B games in altitude.

No WC teams apply here.

This isn't as consistent as years past, but still worthy of a look.

Within these, many are on longer road trips. Break those down for there for potentially stronger plays.


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Okay, Detroit is on 5th of 6 out west here.

They have been VERY competitive out there.

Last night, they finally finished in a 4th quarter and got the win. I watched from 2nd quarter on. They were gritty and played hard. They withstood the late Nuggets run.

Great in-game ML bet @Lexington 125 !!

Utah has played just 4 games in 20 days. They are off a loss Monday night.

Detroit has the injuries as well.

I personally will make a 1 unit starting bet then go from there with live betting.

I've seen the situation before, where Detroit could have a strong 1st half then lose steam in the 2h. So, halftime bets are possible.

I'll post in this thread tomorrow night barring some unforseen circumstances.


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-11 is my small play. Missed -10 early.... Obviously got to -12 as well..

Rest is live. Hopefully.


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Lauri with a doughnut in first half.

Utah so many turnovers.

Don't know if I can touch this again yet.

Gonna wait n see.

This is gross.

Stons look terrific..


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These guys won’t miss
This group playing very well together.

Utah still with a better percentage is wild.

My goal right now is one run, and get off the 6.5.

That tiny thread of situational basketball in the NBA keeps getting thinner and thinner.


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Knox and Burks have been the key to this team being more competitive.

Terrific additions.

Please extend this game Jazz.


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Patented dump 4Q here for live totals.

Had 249.5 under available. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Anyways, pretty sure this was the best set-up of these situations this year. So, gonna personally bag it for the season. Pointless system now.