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KJ is my name, naps are my game.
God I miss the ump thread

ALCS rotation left and in a massive head scratcher, after G1 Drake has stepped in where Miller would be likely and he's not. Wonder if they're giving the 1B ump the next game off (Miller was at 1B and Drake wasn't on the screen) before a home game assignment. Tough nut to crack but as we saw in g5 in SF, Eddings controlled the game more than any pitcher or hitter.

G1 ALCS was:

HP: Rackley
1B: Miller
2B: Diaz
3B: Iassogna
LF: J Wolf
RF: Porter

So everyone rotated over today except that Drake is HP for G2 and Miller isn't there. Hoping that means he's up to bat for G3 for a great under guy. Only other significant for me in this rotation is Iassogna for an under, if Porter gets to G7 I like for over

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