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UFC Vegas 41 Picks


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Souza-This is a fade of markos who was last to the scales and looked like she struggled to make weight here. markos is a wrestler who will look to out-muscle souza. she has bad fight iq and is likely to fade late. I see souza staying active and scoring points on the feet while markos falls apart the longer the fight goes.

Trinaldo-grand has some power but thats about it, its his only path. trinaldo much more well rounded-he has the striking and grappling here and should grind grant down. honestly the only worry about trinaldo is age.

Vettori-You really have to question costa's preparation when he has to move the fight up 20 pounds from the original scheduled weight. costa's cardio will really be in question here which is an issue vs a guy like vettori. costa has one path an early ko, but vettori hasn't been knocked out. vettori is the better overall fighter and will push a pace. good chance he gets take downs as the fight wears on and eventually finishes costa.

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