Tuesday Discussion Thread

I was pretty much betting against Bronson Arroyo one year every game and maybe he’s one to bet similarly. I don’t watch cards games that often so it was a shock to see it that bad. He must be throwing the whole kitchen sink.

He pretty much topping 87-88, throwing bunch of 85-85 cutters, and I don’t think his hook has the depth or nastiness it once did. He really can’t get anything by guys so once they have seen it they can foul off any good pitches he makes and he has no margin for error. I dunno if he can reinvent himself again at this point? I’ve cashed the game or team total in every one his starts, I’m not gonna stop anytime soon that for sure! lol
Ok let’s go Eury perez, I have a lot of RR’s going into your k’s and fish Ff! I have faith in you kid, the altitude really shouldn’t effect you, you still 7 foot tall and have really good control of a fastball that gets on guys quick!
Got grichuk, that big, I counted him for 2k’s! Lol. Most important he looks fine in the altitude,, I’d have like to see him climb the ladder with the heat in those 1-2 counts but that ok, he just didn’t get the one to Blackman high enough.
Cmon balty. This inning could be the game, cash a few these runners in and let the pen get to work
That bout only time I’ll complain bout my pitcher getting a double play, perez had a guy who a automatic punch out in 0-2 hole and didn’t get the k. Woulda loved to get his 3rd right there
Cobb made it more interesting than need be but the Ff under cashes! On verge of a monster night.
Oh perez. A double on another 1-2 count? Man this kid is putting everyone in 1-2 or 0-2 hole but not finishing as many he should.
That ok, he got out the inning at least, pitch count good and he fanning 1 a inning, just a shame he could easily have 5 already.
Why the hell didn’t they pitch around judge? Nobody else on yanks was touching that dude, Mfer.
I shouldn’t have played a game that started after 7, Jfc my card fell apart on these late games.