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Three plays for Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!


Okay let's get to the Thanksgiving plays!

Buffalo has been moving back and forth back from Buffalo 2 Detroit, And back again. Detroit has been playing well. I still see some tens out there and I think Detroit is easily worth a play @ + 10.

Each week There's a new Super Bowl favorite. The Buffalo Bills will win the Superbowl! The Philadelphia Eagles will win the Super Bowl! No! Minnesota Vikings will win the Super Bowl! Now after the big win, the Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl! Each week when you are announced the new Super Bowl favorite you lose next week. I'm seeing 9 1/2 I would like 10 but still think it's a good play, the Giants on the road.

This one used to sit at 3 and now it is two and a half and I'm not surprised. I think the way to play this one is to take the money line on New England.Just look at who the other quarterback is playing in the primetime game.

Okay that's all for me! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!



Mayor of Nap
Think Buffalo stayed there this week

Also Clete Blakeman is the ref there on Thursday, his crew has a history of giving the Lions the shaft


Dan Dan, The Prop Man
I’ve stuck w “niners will win the SB” all year. I already saw cowboys play them In playoffs and it wasn’t good, now niners have another weapon and unless Dallas adds OBJ they have 1 less without cooper, not sure why that game would be different and niners dominated until late, game wasn’t nearly as close as score.

I feel like giants and the points the right play but man they have a lot of injuries, tough to back them even tho I don’t think there much chance Dallas plays nearly as well they did last Sunday: I prefer barkley over 72.5 rush yards, imo they have no chance of coveting unless he runs for over 100.


Big Dick and Average Size Boat
Solid Vap. 2-0 so far & I predicted Pats SU also which is looking good. Course I didn't bet it, but whatev. Happy Thanksgiving!