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The Nigerian Terminator


SDQL Badass Stat Boss
Usually I'm UFC only MMA player, but I happened on this girls story and frankly it reeled me in, I can't help but to back her. I'm not the only one as the line has moved from -115 on the 10th to -140 today. It's the main event on the LFA card tonight for the Strawweight Strap.

  • 4.2/3 Loveth Young -140

Loveth Young -140 ...Known as the Nigerian Terminator, this fighter was the victim of an acid attack at the age of 5 and started fighting to protect herself. She became a 25 time kickboxing champion with accolades in wrestling and boxing. Loveth's only loss was a strange fight against a previous teammate and BJJ specialist Vanessa Demopoulos. Loveth was busting Vanessa up, but Vanessa narrowly won a decision by dragging Loveth to the ground by pulling guard in Rounds 2 and 3. Loveth is now fighting a much less proven BJJ specialist in Amorim, who’s last two fights have gone 10 and 30 seconds. Loveth has already demonstrated the ability to stuff traditional takedowns, rolled with Vanessa without getting submitted, and was able to return to her feet a few times. I'm betting Loveth has improved. I also don't think Amorim can wrestle or pull guard for 5 rounds. At some point I expect Amorim to fatigue, then Loveth will start walking her down terminator style. Much Loveth for the best nickname ~ "Nigerian Terminator"