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Thank you for another great season


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Congratulations to all the Houston backers. They deserved to win the championship.

Thank you also to all the good folks that came into my MLB threads. Whether you made replies or just read my posts I truly appreciate all of you coming in here. There were many of you that came in regularly and I won't thank each of you for fear I will leave someone out. But know I loved having you come in and I really do appreciate it. And thank you to Inzane for your reply yesterday. I appreciate the daily support and kind words and I do dearly miss Blood but as I said there were many of you that came in every day for more than 7 months and even once football started and that always amazes me. Thank you.

So, stay safe and if the gods are willing, we will meet in here again next year for one more good year in the sun. GL


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Always appreciate what you do W2W, its been a lot of years since we 1st met at WCS. We have lost our buddy Blood, I know he would be thrilled to know we are still at it. Have a safe and healthy off season, look forward to chatting with you here in 2023