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Teams that have quit and their performance shows over the last three weeks.


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syracuse ? something is wrong with them. I don't like laying points with pitt but that seems like a good matchup for pitt against a cuse team that wheels falling off


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where did you hear this ? thinks gt hasn't quit nor tanked for georgia; instead they just are a really bad football team. I think georgia names the score. A swiss cheese defense and on offense they won't score.
The fact that Tech is obviously overmatched is beside the point. Tech wants to give Georgia its best shot, and to do so Tech blew off the Notre Dame game.


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Teams that have quit and their performance shows over the last three weeks.​

Ball State - not quit, but have lost 3 of last 4 SU, 2 as favorites, failed to cover 4 straight

Bowling Green - only 2 games, but have lost by combined 83-24 after previously going 7-2 ATS

Colorado State - still played hard 2nd H at Hawaii, but have lost 5 straight SU, 3 as favs and all ATS

Duke - their ship sailed in September

Florida - obviously

FAU - not sure quit, but playing bad ball for sure, lost by 15, 14 and 35 last 3

FIU - obviously

GT - not sure quit, but like FAU, the losses have been getting worse, granted the last one was ND, but still lost by 8, by 9, by 3 vs Mia, by 11 and by 55

IU - been done since October

Maryland - they just suck, last ATS cover was September

New Mexico - after beating WYO 10/23 they've lost by 14 to UNLV, by 27 and by 37 yesterday. Have scored 7 points last two games (vs Fresno and vs Boise)

South Alabama - I doubt they've quit, but are becoming increasingly uncompetitive last 3 weeks - lost by 7, by 24 and by 46 although that was vs Tenn

Stanford - hard to say quit, but bad in multiple facets

Syracuse - only two weeks, but very troubling two weeks it has been

TCU - they beat KU...but since the win vs Baylor have looked pretty bad

Temple - one of the worst teams in football on a weekly basis

Texas - I hesitate to say they've quit. I wasn't involved in the WVU game, but they seemed to have some fight didn't they?

USC - BYU and Cal will crush them, losers of last 2 by 15 and by 29 yesterday

Washington - again, quit maybe not, but flat out a bad team as they have been all year - have lost 3 straight

Western Michigan - some very bad games...lost 3 out of last 4 to Eastern, only beat Akron by 5, lost 2 prior games straight up as favs.


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The one thing Ball State and Western Michigan have in common, Akron is the only team each has beat in their last 4 and they were both close wins.


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Interesting dynamic in KSU/Texas.....Wildcats will play hard but Skyler Thompson is very much doubtful and the backup QB's are not even Juco level. If Texas has any interest at all in tackling Duece Vaughn they will win.


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Tulane looked like they didn’t quit last week.
But now they get Memphis playing for bowl eligibility, for context

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