****Soccer is the Greatest Sport on Earth In-Game****

This weekend in PL is all about relegation. No one even cares about top 4 right now unless you're a fan.

There are big names on the brink of getting shipped
Everton and Leicester are completely in the relegation zone and City play Everton tomorrow with likely a B team in the middle of two CL matches against Madrid
Everton or Leicester getting relegated is a huge deal

Hell Southampton getting relegated is big and it's kinda cemented now
Win or lose PL and/or CL this season nothing will give me the joy of watching Chelsea fumble about everything
Deserve this for betting against City today but perfectly fine with that loss. Just impossible to not but the sandwich game for me. Need Ake to get healthy fast, he was listed as questionable today yet isn't even on the bench.
That was an insanely shoddy first half and would love nothing more than to see it happen again in the 2h
Good God Mong I woke up at 10pm last night and got ready for this

Could the morning be any better? It's 10:20am and I feel like it's been a week long party

Worry about Wednesday tomorrow
Poch at whl next season should be riveting. Levy may not make it out alive.
Talk is that Levy actually wanted him.but members of the board vetoed it

Either way, the crowd at next game is gonna be bonkers. During the villa game there were plenty of sell the club or levy out chants, and that was before poch was officially announced
So who’s being named, or in contention for it? Shambolic season from Levy
Apparently Arne Slot is the favorite now, I don't watch much of feyenoord but apparently plays an attacking style and players rave about him

Thomas frank, rodgers, potter, mason also interested