****Soccer is the Greatest Sport on Earth In-Game****

It appears the in-game forum has been destroyed. Let's get back to the old days in the soccer forum. Champions league tonight. I can't log into 5dimes in France for whatever reason. Think I'm gonna have to pull for Atletico.
Nothing, how's it going for you? Look forward to get back to gambling on the euros after a 3 month break
I don't think Atletico believe than can win in extra time, so the mindset must be that they need 2 at this point and it's really a matter of when they try to press
If somehow Atletico come back and win this, how impressive would be the run of Barcelona, Bayern and Real?

And the talk today is for some reason Oklahoma City's run
Good last 15 minutes.

Yes it would be an incredible run if they can win this.

Are they saying Ramos was offsides ?
Be surprised if Atleti don't concede one here although they are much better squad in the back than a couple years ago and seem to have their shit about them this go round. Great match.
Juanfran always is a fail when it's on the line

Great shootout and that is what sports are all about
Atletico were better but didn't win, it happens

Tough to beat the world's elite
JuanFran instead of Carrasco or Torres ? Not sure which was taking the 5th.

JuanFran went 8th when he had the winning PK vs PSG.
Penalties was a bad situation for Atletico, think that was obvious but the path of little resistance. They needed to win in real time.

Send you best striker up first when RM could save about their best 3 for last. And James wasn't even involved. It's what it is.
Can't overstate how awful Oblak was in the shootout...literally standing still and watching the ball go into the net.

Best part of the match was the head ref shaking his head at Pepe as that idiot rolled around on the ground late in extra time and then started flicking his tongue...was that his way of calling him a pussy lmao
Copa starts at the end of the week, and then Euros a week later. Cannot wait. We doing any contests for Copa or Euro '16?
Jesus striker Alan Pulido who was on Mexico's World Cup team has apparently been kidnapped by one of the cartels. Mexican government needs to come out in full force or this is going to become the norm. Happened in the state of Tamaulipas which is Zeta country.

Was left off the Copa roster due to a dispute with former club Tigres.
Pachuca/Monterrey Over 2.75 -120

3-2 game here IMO. Basically the bet is on Monterrey striking early and the game opening up