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Massive whiff in game 12

Will max bet against Andy next match

Not usually my thing but this situation is so rare
Hopefully, you guys just saw that cub like second serve from the Greek. That was fantastic.
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Let's fire this up, ready to lay some crazy vig

After Norrie wins game 4, gonna take Lehecka to win the 2nd set....thinking -450 or so
Shap in the match against Hubie, going to wait for Hurkacz to gain some kind of lead whether it's 1-0 or whatever

I think Shap wins in 3, Hubie's coming off a crazy come back
I’ll ride. Don’t know anything but either player.

Vekic is definitely gritty, but has big time 2nd serve problems/DF machine. Feel like she's the type of player that shows up vs big opponents, but sucks to much vs lower.

Diaz just womped a Brazilian who had a great 2022 (Haddad-Maia, sp?), and followed up with another good performance in her next round.... lets get it!
Do we have Caro, Ons or Iga tonight?

Been too wrapped up to see what's even happening...think you said Ons was on the ropes the other day
Split the breaks 2-2 (at like +105/110), lost a smidge on the 6-0/1.... lets find another one
May be Garcia verse 34 year old siegemund, who's already played 2 3 setters and almost 6 hours of courttime.
Brooksby at that point will be down 2-0 sets, and probably a consolidated break in the 3rd.... plus he's injured his wrist (they just showed his forehand speed dropping considerably each set), and is moving terribly left to right.
damn, grimacing the hole time too...

Needed that 2nd serve conversion, doubling down on +185 game 9
I can't believe Sinner is dogged.

Djokovic doesn't look himself. Too bad.

I think Korda can get to the finals.
Swiatek and Gauff out of it. Pegula probably the fave to win it now with Sabalenka.
Swiatek and Gauff out of it. Pegula probably the fave to win it now with Sabalenka.
Agree with Pegula, but ostapenko looked awfully good last night. If she can maintain focus on every point, she could be dangerous.