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Kyrgios withdraws..growing cyst in knee. Odd. Just played exhbition Friday against Nole and looked fine.
Really bummed Kyrgios is out. Damn. I do think Kokkinakis can make a run though. He's in form. Won;t win it but playing really well.

BTW, Nick's cysyt is not serious, and he is getting it removed this week. It was causing a meniscus tear in the knee
Of course it's raning there on Day 1 and they have to stop play with a smidgen of rain drops every time. Fucking Aussies.
That's the Nadal way. These young cats are simply terrified of him. If you need proof, watch the Netflix series.
Woke up to South Park and the Russians cyber attacked them with DOS lmfao
down to -125, simply can't see the German and stamina exist in one sentence
Just took Blinkova ML +230 before the break

Nonetheless think she cruises in the 3rd. Not sure how she drew Keys but she's got a fairly deep run I think
Here we go, just woke up 1:30am

Max Cressy ML -550 set 4, g5

short odds to win
Emma's biggest problem is her head. She's probably the best striker in the game but can't manage important points
Sucks no one else is awake, trained hard for this

Korda -1600 live, highly encourage looking for a number live when he loses a game

Guessing he's top 10 at the end of the season, probably best American since Agassi and that includes Fritz
Think the Japanese dude failed with 6 game points

Now did a 2* on Korda to win the 2nd -400

Was hoping he lost the first game to get a good number on the match
Love that I'm the only one awake

MacDonald +1.5 sets against Tsitsi (I think) will be a large wager. Might even grab some ML
What the heck does this mean

lmao, I think he's referencing like a -4.5 fave in NFL.... idk

I'm playing townsend small, Alexandrova was nursing an injury and wasn't pushed her last match, townsend likes to play tricky, and I think will force her to move/frustrate/break her down