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Pick Club X -- Week 11 Lines


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Welcome back for week #3 of this years pick club.

To clear up a few things, Thursday night games are not allowed. Last week was a test to see if anyone took the bait ;)

Picks shall be in by NOON eastern on Sunday. Obviously a few members are waking up at halftime of the early games, so we have let that slide. Lets try and be a more prompt as we move forward. Eggman would have booted half the field out already ;)

Anyways, we move on and will post the games early this week...

Link for standings below...

Cleveland 10.5 and 44.5

San Francisco 6.5 and 45.5

Buffalo 7.5 and 50.5

Miami 3.5 and 44.5

Carolina 3.5 and 43.5

Baltimore 5.5 and 45.5

Philadelphia 1.5 and 43.5

Tennessee 10.5 and 44.5

Green Bay 2.5 and 48.5

Cincy PK and 49.5

Arizona 1.5 and 49.5

Kansas City 2.5 and 56.5

LA Chargers 5.5 and 46.5

Tampa Bay 11.5 and 50.5


Loves Exclamation Points
hey guys, i was 4-1 last week not 3-2.. im sure i didnt pick atl! one cause they suck but 2 cause i didnt make my picks till after the early games started :)

im not mad at ya, just fix it!!! lmfao. joking of course but think i had eagles where you have me down for atl.. thanks

reNew Orleans

Clubbin' with Rasual Butler
SF/Jax over 45.5
Buffalo Bills/Indianapolis Colts Over 50.5
Cleveland Browns -10.5
Minnesota Vikings +2.5
New Orleans/Philly Under 43.5

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