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4-0 last week (lost some large non-posted in-game/2nd half wagers on bad offenses...USCe, Marshall & UAB come to mind, so not close to as good a week as it looked).
50-31-2 this season.

So far:

WMU/BG Over 47.5
Oregon St (+4)
USAF/Army Over 40.5 (looks like I'll be adding)

Stalking: UK, UNC, Tulane, Purdue, Maryland, Charlotte, 'Cuse/Pitt Over, MSU/Illini Over, UT-SA, KState, Boise, SDSU, Wake...and some UGLY big dogs: Cal, CSU & Hawaii.

GL, y'all.

Mich State (+9/1st), WVU (+4/1st) & Liberty/Ark Over 61.5

Banking on some pride from MSU and an end to Illini's nice season...ISU offense is dreadful, so I'll take the points & think Liberty puts up 24+ for me.
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UAB (+1/1st) The "better team" at home...UT-SA's dream season comes crashing down today.
3-6 posted last week...53-37-2

Starting today going back to my theme of backing ugly dogs:
UL Mon (+14/-115)

SMU (Over 21/-115) TT 2nd half
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2-0 posted last week and 55-37-2 for the year. (I'm "running" a couple of businesses and haven't had time to fully cap...depending on the longtime posters here can be damn profitable though. Thanks, y'all.)

Starting with a ML parlay for some MACtion fun tonight:

NIU(-120) & CMU(-380)...may add some NIU solo later.

Stalking Lafayette, Duke, IU, IU/MSU Over, Navy, ECU, BC, 'Ville, Kan, Temple, CIN/Temple Over, Iowa/Minn Over, UAB, CSU, & perhaps my favorite UGLY dog of the day...Hawaii.

As y'all can see, I really like ugly dogs and ugly overs :tiphat:
Posted far and posting/hitting shit before I get too inebriated.

UB (-4)....can still get bowl eligible (and, as someone who grew up in Buffalo, going somewhere warm in the winter is GLORIUS).
SMiss (-3/-130)...SMiss impressed me last week vs SBama and with an impressive showing, bowl eligibility(?).
UNC (-6/-120)...know UNC's issues but NCSU's offense is HORRIBLE and can't keep up (I hope).
tOSU (-7/-120)...simply an add against the fact that UM has played no one, I say...and it's in the Shoe.