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The NFL Survivor Elimination Contest is back for another year!
CTG's longest-standing contest! $400.00 in COLD HARD CASH prizes!

Welcome to the ALL-NEW NFL Survivor Contest, hosted and implemented right here on the CTG message boards! Entering our 2022-2023 NFL Survivor contest is EASY!


1. Select ONE (1) team beginning in Week #1 to WIN THEIR GAME OUTRIGHT (no spread)
2. You can only select a team ONCE
3. Any loss or tie eliminates you from the contest.
4. If multiple contestants remain at end of regular season, point spreads will be incorporated beginning first round of playoffs (more rules/info to follow closer to end of season).

1st Place: $300
2nd Place: $100

CLICK HERE to be taken to the "PICKEM" tab, located in the Navigation Bar near the top of the screen. After entering the contest page, click the RED button titled "Manage Your Picks."

Each week, you'll be required to use this portal to place your selections. Games lock at or slightly before kickoff. Games will be automatically graded weekly!