***NFL In-Game Thread***

Fish with a pick after a long drive that was a missed FG.

Feel like the wheels need to fall off that Raiders defense which has been sitting on the field the entire game
He's not a very good actor. He always throws away. Last series he let sweat track him down. Minnesota futures in play
Browns are ridiculous tho......still trying to play the pass on 3rd and long when it's all screens and draws.
I hope the Redskins lose every game they ever play forever by 100 points for getting me eliminated from a survivor pool I was in.
Saleh won’t get fired but I’d love him back in SF. He will get a fresh year.

Hackett is up to Rodgers.
Saleh and Hackett are both getting fired and the new coach can decide what to do with Aaron. I am in favor of letting him go but I know thats not happening.