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***NFL In-Game Thread***


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Is this best thanksgiving day slate ever?

We usually get 1 good game max

All 3 of these close
It's the new NFL , it's either a coincidence or they manufacture close games on many prime time or holiday games ..

...Believe the last 7 playoff games came down to the final drive .


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Perine for Bengals looks really good today.
Trevor also looks good.
J E T S best team ever w/o Zach


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And we’ve had this conversation before, but the Broncos really need to admit their mistake with Hackett and move on. Unless they want to make sure they secure the #1 pick first and then fire him.


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Don't care that it was short

That's the most memorable play of the season including the Higgins catch


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I agree with this. You should need to get the knee down at least.
Love how soccer defines offside now...there's a parallel when you can find it

If a part of the body that can't legally score a goal (hand, forearm, elbow) it can never be in an offside position

I didn't see one thing about that catch that looked like a TD


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Cards are last in the NFL at defending the TE and the Chargers went the entire first half without a single throw to a TE