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***NFL In-Game Thread***


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3rd down and giants o-line on the ball with center with hand on ball ready to snap......a bit of confusion by skill players and the Giants WR actually runs in front of the center (obviously across the line of scrimmage) and then runs back outside and is that not a penalty for being in the neutral zone/


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I was on Buffalo but if I’m not going to cover I wanted Buff to lose. Wtf was Detroit doing on that drive. Had no interest in trying to win and then once you’ve resigned to a FG, you start throwing 30 yard passes on 3rd and 1 with 3 time outs left? Wtf

That's what happens when your coach is retarded


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You're down by 1 in a division game with 20 minutes left in the game. Your defense has 2 ints and your kicker has made 2 long fgs. Why go for it on 4th on your side of field?