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NFL 2023


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Hi guys, good to be back.

Because I'm coming from Europe, I haven't learned how to follow the NFL offseason. Got some news about the Rodgers trade but basically haven't read anything about NFL since February. Lots of things happened. Of course tried to get some tickets for London or Frankfurt games, but in vain. So today I looked up the schedule for week 1 and my first reactions where:
-> Packers are dogged against the Bears? Line moved to +1, but think the Pack has the better team overall an hope, they will keep it close.
-> Ravens -10. Rookie on the road at Baltimore against Jackson. Maybe Texans TT under.
-> Steelers home dog against an east coast time playing at 1.p.m Like it at +3.
-> Could it be a strategy to fade the Cardinals by principle? Think they are really bad. Do you think we'll see a 6,5?
-> Lions +7 hmmm?

Bit time at the weekend to dig deeper into the numbers and rosters, but will bet week 1 careful.

NFL 2022: 71-93-1 +13.13u
NFL 2021: 80-78 +73,70u
NFL 2020: 76-91-2 -11,38u
NFL 2019: 78-89-6 +2,75 units
NFL 2018: 102-113-1 +5,52 units
NFL overall: 407-464-10 +83,32u
Week 1
Liked the Lions with +6,5 but I'm not sure about +4,5. Andy Reid with time to prepare and Mahomes in season openers pretty good. Think the Lions offense can score against the Chiefs defense and keep it close.

Teaser parlay Lions +10,5 / Steelers +6,5 @-110 to win 1u
Lions TT over 23.5 @-115 to win 1u
Ravens -10 @-110 to win 1u
Titans +3 @-115

Going with the better coach and the points in the season opener.
Skipped the Packers due to their WR problems.

Maybe the Dolphins and Seahawks for the late games.
Week 1
Teaser parlay Lions +10,5 / Steelers +6,5 @-110 to win 1u
Lions TT over 23.5 @-115 to win 1u

Ravens -10 @-110 to win 1u
Titans +3 @-115 to win 1u

2-2 -0.25 take a small loss in week 1

Week 2

Bucs -3 @-110 to win 1u
Raiders -8 @-110 to win 1u

More a play against the Bears as one on the Bucs. Liked the Bucs last weeks, played a pretty good game on the road and escaped with a win from Minnesota. Bears played a poor game and as long as they don't prove me wrong, I will fade them especially on the road.

Think it's a bad spot for the Raiders playing on the East Coast in an early game against a Bills team, that just lost against the Jets without Rodgers. I expect the Bills to right the ship today and win a 27-14-type game.
Broncos -4 @-110 to win 1u

Commanders barely beat the Cardinals Last week and take the better team with coaching advantage.
Week 2
Bucs -3 @-110 to win 1u
Raiders -8 @-110 to win 1u

Broncos -4 @-110 to win 1u

Went to bed with the Broncos up 21-3, already enjoying a perfect 3-0 Sunday and was wondering what happened, when I looked up the score the next morning. Nevertheless

2-1 +0,9u
Overall: 4-3 +0,65u

Week 3
49ers -10,5 @-110 to win 3u

Can't play this another way due to the last two weeks. Short week on the road, though I don't know, if they stayed at the West Coast. Home opener for the 49ers, who kept the Steelers and the Rams in check, who I think are better than the Giants. Arizona lead 20-0, if 49ers do so, the Giants won't come back.
Titans +3,5 @-115 to win 1u
Chiefs -12,5 @-110 to win 1u

I roll with the Titans as an Underdog. 2-0 ATS so far and with Vrabel coaching and Henry yet to have a monster game, I take the points.
The Bears are awful and Chiefs will get the win after the loss in the home opener against the Lions. Offense sputtering last week, but not today.