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MLB Wednesday 10/20


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Thanks Cash. What do you mean luck? I specifically said in yesterdays post that Houston would score 7 runs in the top of the ninth to win the over. Luck indeed! :rofl:

All x50 each

Houston/Boston over 9 -140 - Just buying 1/2 run off this. You could buy 1 1/2 runs off for like -260 but I don't think you have to do that here. 4-4 shouldn't be too hard to come by. Valdez and Sale matched up in the first game of this series and it resulted in a 5-4 game. Bottom line is Valdez is a baserunner and run machine. Sale hasn't been the same since returning. Neither starter went even into the 3rd inning in that game. Both teams trotted out 5 pitchers from their pen last night and that means with a day start today they get even less rest. Should sail over.

Boston ML -120 - I usually don't like to take both the total and side in the same game especially in the playoffs but I think I have an angle here that could work. The angle involves two aspects. First, Sale has not been himself but I think he could gut it out and hold Boston in this game. He may not be physically ready, which I can't know, but in my opinion he is more likely to turn in a solid performance than Valdez is. Second, as I said, both teams used 5 relievers last night but there is a big difference in how they did it. Houston used their normal progression of who to use when in the game. Boston did not. In fact, Cora fucked up. Instead of using his normal set up and closer the way he should have he sent out Eovaldi his game 6 starter. Horrible decision as they ate him for dinner and Cora lost last nights game and now has nothing to pitch in game 6. But by doing so he inadvertently protected his bullpen for today and they are fresher than the Astro pen. Now Houston could come roaring out and score 10 runs before Boston even gets to their bullpen advantage but I think there is a potential for Boston to tear up Valdez as well. The only thing that worries me is a Sox hangover from being scored on big in the ninth and that sometimes takes all the fight out of a team. Since the risk is only -120 it is worth a try on the Bosox and we also have the possibility of an over total win to offset a bad side bet if it comes to that.

Atlanta/LA over 7 -180 - Buying a full run off this although I doubt I will need it as I see this game going 4-4 easily. If in fact Atlanta is going to start Ynoa that would be a huge mistake. The guy is a batting practice gas can. Even if the plan is to only trot him out there for an inning it will cost the Braves. Urias is the closest thing to an ace the Dodgers have but not starting him and bringing him in relief two games back was a big gaff. I have no clue what Roberts is thinking. Yes, as I said, he did that shit last year but now he is going to start a game? Atlanta scored 2 runs on 3 hits in that relief appearance and that was in just 1 inning. Will sail over the total.

Going to pass a side in this one but the lean is LA. Big win for LA last night but they are still only like 3 for 24 with runners in scoring position so don't buy those LA world series tickets yet. Messing around with Urias worries me and even though they should hit Ynoa other than Bellinger's 3 run homer they haven't hit shit yet. And I am not betting -200 on those kind of hitting stats. I can't even take Atlanta +2 1/2 runs at -180 because Ynoa is that bad. I guess they are saving Fried for next game but I can't for the life of me see why. In any event, pass the side.


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