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MLB Tuesday 11/2


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1-0 last but it was a big one.

You are really going to hate this bet.........

Atlanta/Houston under 10 1/2 -190 x50 (Only x50? Yes. It's my money now and I'm keeping it.)

Capping this game is pretty easy by the numbers. Fried has had two really bad outings the last against these Astros. Houston will probably throw Urquidy who was very good against the Braves or Garcia who was also good, even though he lost to them, when he last saw Atlanta. Houston will be pumped up in front of a crazy crowd. That means load up on Houston to win -120? The total could go over 9 as Atlanta is bound to add a couple of runs and Houston should again hammer Fried. By the numbers.

But I'm not going with what the numbers say here. Fried can be solid and both Houston probables have been solid against these Braves. Being hyped as a football or basketball player is great! Hyped in baseball? Never. Horrible. That's not to say Houston won't score or win but being hyped has nothing to do with it and could actually hurt them until they settle down and just play ball.

Call it a hunch but I think the books have over reacted by putting a total of 9 here. I am buying 1 1/2 runs on going the other way under. I see this game starting slowly with Houston trying their ass off and Atlanta being pretty laid back. True, they scored 14 last game but those pitchers were pretty bad to say the least. These pitchers are pretty good and they still have to score 11 runs to beat me and remember if it goes extra innings they don't start with a runner on 2nd. They have to actually get them to second. Would be hilarious if they had a nice 6-4 final. GL :rofl:

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