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MLB Tuesday 10/12


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2-2 last - Another split. There's a surprise. I even bet an odd number and the gambling gods rained one out so I could still split. I hear them chuckling.

"Hey Wire, I remember the year you split every day of the playoffs for 3 weeks. Wasn't that a colossal waste of time?" I know, I know better than losing but Jesus.

Thanks Inzane. GL
Thanks Wise. GL

All x50 each

Houston +2 1/2 -300 - Changing up and taking the Astros plus runs here. Hunch CHW may still win but Houston stays close.
Atlanta +2 1/2 -500 - Alternate run line and worth every penny for a sure $50. (By the way that's a loss of $250 not $500 on a $50 bet so I'm weird but not completely crazy) MLW can't score. 0-16 with runners in scoring position for the entire series. Atlanta should win this outright at -140 and close the series for those of you that faint at the site of odds higher than -150.
SF +2 1/2 -260 - Desclafani more than capable of winning outright at +140 in this spot. Plus, it's a free game for SF with no pressure. They will play loose. Lose and they get to go home for the decider. In baseball MUST win puts pressure on a team. They are tight, try harder, and that's disaster in baseball. The talking heads always refer to MUST win but if you pay attention those that say that never played the game. Those that did play will mumble agreement but they will say they must play focused and then quickly change the subject.



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Good luck Wire.


I can't believe how the Brewers are folding so badly. Just like TB...

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