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MLB Saturday 10/23


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0-1 last - I watched it and I still can't figure out how Boston couldn't hit Garcia. Congrats to Houston backers but make a note, LA or Atlanta will hit him.

Thanks Tim. I appreciate it. GL

Atlanta +2 1/2 -180 x50 - I have no clue why this is so high (+160) against the home team. I know Scherzer was initially listed but who knows what Roberts will do. Most likely a one inning starter then Scherzer. Won't matter because no way Anderson and the Braves should be that big a dog at home. Maybe bet this quick as odds might change later.

LA/Atlanta over 7 -180 x50 - Buying a full run off the total. If you are thinking LA bats are coming around is that really true? Or did Bellinger hit a HR that won the game then Turner hit 3 in one game? I don't know if ALL the Dodger bats have come alive but some of them seem to have. I am betting this over because 1) Atlanta can hit whoever LA trots out there. 2) LA can and did hit Anderson some in 3 innings. 3) This over is also a nice offset to taking Atlanta plus runs in case LA does suddenly explode for runs. And finally, 4) how do you pitch to a guy that has already hit two home runs? That kind of stupid coaching helps over bets win easily.



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Scherzer was scratched due to dead arm

I'll be shocked to see him at all

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