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MLB Monday 10/18


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Thanks MC. I appreciate it. GL

Thanks Inzane. GL

A comment.........I saw a postgame interview with Dave Roberts of LA and he said that "club officials" discussed before the series started and agreed upon using Urias in relief (yes, I know he pitched in relief in last years series) in the first two games. WTF? Well, that sheds some light on why Roberts has been all over the place with his pitching starts and changes. There should be no "discussion" from club officials. You hired a manager, let him manage. He is pretty good at it too as you are the retuning world champions. When the front office involves themselves in game decisions everything gets fucked up. I have seen managers with my own eyes kick club officials out of the clubhouse and dugout. It is a recipe for disaster when you start listening to them.

It is also good info to have when you are capping a team in a series. The Braves not only have a two game lead, which isn't the end of the world, they also have the benefit of a puppet manager who left alone is pretty good but I promise you now they are down 2 games in the series the "club officials" will be crawling out of the woodwork with great ideas for Roberts. Poor bastard. Full disclosure, I could be way off base if the front office has always done this to Roberts but I would also be seriously surprised if that were the case.

Houston/Boston over 8 -180 x50- Buying a full run off this but I shouldn't need it as I think this one sails over 9. Urquidy will allow at least a run an inning and plenty of baserunners to make sure that happens every inning he pitches. Rodriquez is more stingy but he also will allow some runs to the Astros before he leaves which will probably be before the 6th. Houston saw him twice early in the year and hit the shit out of him both times. I can't see this going less than 4-4 and that puts me in line at the cashiers window.

Side..... I pass but Boston has the advantage. As I said, Rodriquez much better than Urquidy but he doesn't usually pitch past the 5th and I don't trust the Sox bullpen against the Houston bats. I would take Boston ML -120 with your money but I will settle for just the total here. GL

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