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MLB Monday 10/11


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1-1 last - Feels like I am losing when I split but that's stupid because I am only down juice. Thought I had broken out to 2-0 when Hou took a 5-1 lead. I knew CHW had to score 8 to beat me and they scored 12. Next.

All x50 each

MLW/Atl over 7 -180 - Peralta pitched very well against Atl early in the year and the bullpen choked and gave it up. Anderson also pitched well against MLW early and his bullpen held for the win. Peralta also getting worse each start in his last 3. Fatigue? Anderson walks a lot of batters. Have to try the over here.
CHW ML -130 - This was a tough one. Urquidy is being thrown out there in a hope for a surprise win. He's really not that good. He has pitched well in long relief against the Sox twice this year and that's why they pulled his number for the free game today. Free because if the Astros win great but if they lose they still go home for the decider. Rodon has pitched well but not very long seldom going more than 5 innings. Dusty knows this so he will go with a bullpen day if Urquidy struggles pulling him early and try to hold on close til he can get into that Sox pen. I am hoping the break out scoring last night gives the Sox confidence and they can get to Urquidy early and often. At some point, if the Sox lead is big enough, Dusty won't waste his pen saving them for the decider at home so if Sox can get out early he will let them have this game.
TB/Boston over 9 -140 - I am still puzzled why they pulled Rodriguez in Game #1. He allowed 2 runs on 2 hits and two walks in an 1 2/3 inning. He didn't look all that bad to me but there had to be some reason and TB got to him somewhat so maybe they can do it again. The TB pitching cupboard is bare so they will probably go for a bullpen game with a fast hook so that usually allows Boston to score some. Going to try to sail over 9.
SF +2 1/2 -180 - Nice price for lots of plus runs where Wood has been solid. Scherzer name must be setting this line at LA -200 because he hasn't been very good lately. Have to think Giants can stay close here.
SF/LA over 7 -140 - Although Wood has been solid the Dodgers scored on him twice earlier when they saw him. Scherzer has been shaky and all that's good enough to try the over.

Have to either go 3-2 or 2-3 on this 5 game betting card today so there won't be yet another split.

And don't forget my can't miss guarantee boys and girls. If I lose today, you will get my losers tomorrow absolutely FREE!


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