****MLB In-Game Thread****

23 pitch 2nd inning is not good for over 17.5 outs, at least he got out of it without any runs.
I remembered KJ‘s Coors to hitters park angle but forgot it when choosing my picks today haha

I didn’t realize that where it came from or if I pay attention to it overall but I def expected cards to struggle at plate. You wouldn’t think they keep letting Velasquez punch them out but who knows.
At least Contreras got a hit, we need to see more of that before he starts reminding me of the scrubbies player we overpaid. Fowler:
Listening to Mlb network on way home from Illinios one the guys plays for today was cards and over, that pretty much sealed the offense fate tonight, lol.
Mfer. Same part the order this Asshole struggled with in second he gives up a leadoff double in front of them
Cards bottom half took way better ab’s that time around: unfortunately he made quick work of goldy and arenado before those guys came up.
Just need 3 more outs from Montgomery. Ideally he gets thru the 6th cleanly. Joe has taken good at bats, I’m afraid they would consider taking him out if guys get on in front of him.
Outstanding performer by Ryan. And I was a little nervous bout the fly balls! Getting almost half your outs by punch out a good way to offset that! 10k’s in 7 innings of 1 run ball, the 1 run was a solo Jack which lined up with my concerns, lol.
The one thing I like bout cards is they generally not a high strikeout team but this 2nd day in a row they fanned at a higher clip than you want against a pitcher who wasn’t striking a lot of ppl out.
It a pen game now. Im more scared pirates will score and beat their team total under than I am optimistic cards will get anything off pirates pen.
Surprised they sent Montgomery out for 7th, got him to hit over 4.5 k’s if anyone played that. I’m usually on the other end where my guy gets pulled early needing 1, lol.
It also has got pirates threatening. Why they send him out for 7th? Now you bring hicks in with guys on and it danger time. Hate when they do this, just start inning w hicks. That way if he gives up a bloop hit or walks a guy or 2 it not a disaster, bad managing if you ask me.
Nice night if you like playing against overpriced teams. Can’t imagine at least one of tigers or pirates don’t win. I seriously doubt cards have 3 runs in them.
Fucking knew pirates Ff under 1.5 was prob the right move. Cards pen doesn’t have much to deal with pirates switch hitters. Fuck. So much for sweeping card
That pisses me off. I was all patient and passed on early games, took my time with these and thought I had a sweepable card if twins won. Freaking whatever, I’ll take 3-1 but not happy bout it.
Bumgardner already walked another guy tonight, luckily marlins have a tough time getting enough walks/hits out that lineup to actually get guys on and score them! Lol
How strange is it Turner was going yard every day in the WBC and is still yet to hit a bomb for Phillies?
Strong start by Berrios. His k prop was close for me, I don’t really trust him but I bet jays so clearly I was thinking better start tonight.
2 hitters a bomb then single. Rasmussen numbers in Toronto havnt been good. Jays shutting up all this rays talk this weekend!!