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MLB Friday 5/13


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YTD +2605
5-2 last
Won NYY +2 1/2 +500 - It did seem a tad unnecessary for the Yankees to go for the 2 point conversion after their last TD late in the 4th quarter but maybe Boone wanted to send a message. All jokes aside, I don't know if you saw that game but it was really quite a good game.

All x100 each unders all -130 - There is no way I should be going under some of these at 7 when I can buy them down to 6 and go over but that's what I see. Reasons for the unders? Ummmmm .......because I think more will go under than over?

Cinn/Pitt under 8 1/2
MLW/Miami under 7
Hou/Wash under 8 1/2
Sea/Mets under 8
Balt/Det under 8 1/2
Tor/TB under 7
SD/Atl under 7 1/2
Bost/Texas under 9
NYY ML -160
- Can't take the under here when I see Cole have an advantage and it won't be long before Velasquez (who looks solid but doesn't go many innings) will give way to the CHW pen and we saw what the Yankee offense did last night when that happened. Not to mention the Sox pen is seriously used up and this is the wrong starter to try and make go long.
Minn ML -160 - No total here either because Civale is seriously bad. Not that the Twins offense is all that great but they don't have to be tonight to win.
SF/STL under 8
KC/Colo under 10 1/2
Cubs/AZ under that
Ana/Oak under 8
Phil/LA under 8

7-6 in totals and split the ML would only lose 140. Not a horrible night. Why would I even consider that you ask? 1) I set a conservative goal and if I exceed it, it's a pleasant surprise. 2) No one wins every day. No one.

What do I really expect to happen? 8-5 total wins (If you say "Then don't bet the 5 you expect to lose!" I am going to slap you Will Smith style.) and at worst a split on the ML games for a profit on the night. But if I tell you that it won't happen. GL :)


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Gotta love that under in Miami, should be heck of a pitcher duel there, opposed to just bad offenses not scoring runs as many are these days. Havnt seen all the matchups for weekend but we should get a couple pitchers duels in that series!

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