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MLB Friday 10/22


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1-1 last - 11-3 last 6 days. I knew I shouldn't have pissed off the gambling gods. They gave me a split yesterday stopping a nice winning streak. I know better but sometimes it's fun to taunt the gods.

Boston/Houston over 8 -180 x50 - Buying off a full run here but I doubt I'll need it as this game should get at least 9 runs. Eovaldi is starting, I guess, but he will have a quick hook. The Astros have done better and better against him the more they see of him. That's the problem with throwing a guy out there often, the opposing hitters get to know him and almost always abuse him. Speaking of abuse, Garcia didn't make it out of the 2nd inning before he was pulled in his last start. Now granted, he only allowed 2 hits but 3 walks and a homerun put a 5 spot on the board for the Bosox. He hasn't pitched well in his two starts before that because he allowed 5 and 6 runs respectively to the light hitting Chisox and TB. 16 runs on 14 hits and 8 walks in just 8 innings does not look good on a resume. My ump info is all fucked up so I don't know or care who is umping this one. Did you know that these two teams have scored at least 9 runs in all 5 games they have played in this series? Sails over.

I don't know nor care who will win this game. Can't bet on Eovaldi. Can't bet on Garcia. Just going to root for a lot of runs early so I can watch college football. GL

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