Bally Sports has all the American men matches on right now. Pretty cool. Fritz will win, I think Tiafoe will too but he's gonna lose the first set. Great opportunity to bet him after this set.
Tiafoe-160 1*

Etcheverry has won me a lot of money the last couple years but have to take Frances at these odds, very rare to get him at such low odds
Laying -750 to -800 on every Tiafoe service game now

I seriously think it's a bargain
Fritz won't get broken either, just focused on the Tiafoe match for now

Lots of lumber being laid but it only makes sense
Fritz is -2000 to win his service games

That's where you hope he gets down 0-15 then pounce
Frances a winner, nice to get that out the way after he was down a break

Next up Shap I think
Man this set is much tighter than a -195 feels comfortable for sure

At least Shap finally got a couple points off the return
Nice win, not comfy at all

Feels like set 3 will be smooth sailing so laying it

Shapovalov 2nd set -245 1*

Think it's more likely he wins 6-2 or 6-3 than another tiebreak