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M:B Friday 10/15


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Damn shame the home plate ump fucked up what could have been a really good game last night. He was equally bad for both teams with his inconsistent strike zone. First 5 innings really low pitches were called strikes and last 4 innings really low pitches were called balls. Come to think of it a lot of balls way outside were called strikes as well. And I won't even mention how bad the appeal was calling that last pitch a swing. I just hope the league reviews all that and we don't see any of those clowns in the World Series. I can't say whether their bad calls affected the outcome of the game but I can say it shouldn't have ended a deciding game on a really, really bad call.

Will post from Toronto tomm but it will be brief.

Boston/Houston over 7 -300 - Buying off 1 1/2 runs here. Sale expected to go for Boston and his last few have not been pretty or long innings. The only team Valdez seems to have pitched well against all year is Boston but that was so early in the season you should ignore those. Should sail over 8 so I really like this at over 7.

I was going to also add Boston +2 1/2 -240 but I am going to pass that to see how this series starts. Given Valdez last two starts (8 runs allowed on 11 hits in just 9 total innings) I see value in taking Boston ML at +120. And I really see value in taking the Sox +1 1/2 at -150. But as I said Sale has been iffy so I will walk on by.


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