KY Oaks Day Discussion

Wonder how many of these women recycle or use some low budge version of these hats tomorrow

Guessing it's a thing wherever you are but the Derby at house parties....with the cheap lids are so ridiculous. They look look a Halloween party gone bad

I usually just want to watch the soccer and dress up in a winning jersey

Drugs free since 1997 (recreational) I think be I've always identified with Wes Welker
Reminds of when I was attacked by a lesbian woke mob in New Orleans. Went into this place and they didn't want us in could tell from the start. It looked like Halloween in there the way the bartenders were dressed etc...Long story short I was starving ordered food other guys w me get served and mine never came out...I asked and they said they never put it in...and I was pissed but respectful. Next thing I know they run a brigade of guys out of the kitchen and kick us out of the bar...I was so pissed talk about a lack of due process it was unbelievable. Never cussed or disrespected anybody and got treated like that....I got em back with a scathing Google review where of course the owner said I was drunk and a bad person lmao...
If I'm reading the sheets correctly it looks like Pretty Mischievous had a Thorograph pattern of a double top that was less than a point from the best number in the field heading into the Oaks, and she was able to move forward from there.

Only horse I see in the Derby with a similar pattern is Angel of Empire. Forte had a double top heading into the FL Derby but regressed in his last effort.

Hit Show bounced off his 2 two races ago, could return to that number.

Verifying, Derma Sotogake and Tapit Trice could all pair their 1+ in their last race and likely be right in the mix.