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Happy Hump Day NBA Parlay at (+271) Features San Antonio and Utah

Best Bet: Parlay Spurs +7.5 at -108 & Jazz -3 at -108 at +271 odds with Heritage

Sacramento Kings vs. San Antonio Spurs
Wednesday, February 1 at 8 p.m. ET at AT&T Center in San Antonio

Sacramento's Offense

Three-pointers are central to Sacramento's offense.

The Kings attempt the seventh-most threes per game.

One might expect them to prioritize three-pointers less after letting Buddy Hield go.

But they also acquired Kevin Huerter, who is now attempting a team-high 6.9 threes per game.

Five different King players average 4.5 or more three-point attempts per game.

Their offense has been so successful also as a consequence of their efficient scoring within five feet of the basket.

Point guard De'Aaron Fox, especially, likes to attack the basket -- he leads the team with 15.2 drives per game.

Others like shooting guard Malik Monk and Harrison Barnes are also inclined to drive to the rim.

San Antonio's Perimeter Defense

Given Sacramento's relatively strong emphasis on three-point shot-making, the Kings want to face a defense that has a stronger tendency to allow favorable three-point attempts.

But the Spurs are not such a team.

In fact, they allow the fourth-lowest frequency of open three-point attempts. They also allow the fifth-fewest three-point attempts overall per game.

These two statistics indicate that they excel at limiting the opponent's three-point shooting opportunities in the first place and at contesting the three-point shots that opponents do manage to attempt.

As these stats show, San Antonio is well-equipped to impede Sacramento from realizing a majorly preferred source of their offensive productivity.

Jakob Poeltl

As for Sacramento's prospects of continuing to be efficient at the basket tonight, the Kings have to contend with a very defensive-minded center in Spur center Jakob Poeltl.

He has garnered a reputation for his rim protection.

His excellent defensive ratings throughout the years attest to the quality that he provides at the defensive end of the court.

Poeltl makes it hard for opposing offenses to be efficient near the basket.

San Antonio's Offensive Strength

On offense, the Spurs prefer to score inside the arc -- they are rather disinclined to attempt threes.

In particular, small forward Keldon Johnson and point guard Tre Jones like to attack the basket.

Their ability to attack the basket is important because they are two of their team's three leading scorers.

The Spurs depend on them to be productive offensively.

Should we depend on them to score a lot against the King defense?

Sacramento's Rim Protection

The possibility of Sacramento acquiring a viable rim protector has been a subject of discussion.

But this possibility is still just a subject of discussion.

As a result, the Kings are ninth-worst at limiting opposing field goal percentage within five feet of the basket.

Their center, Domantas Sabonis, was in fact a power forward on his former team, and he is not at all known for his shot-blocking ability -- he blocks 0.4 shots per game in his career, 0.5 this season.

Given Sacramento's weakness in rim protection, the Spurs will flourish offensively by scoring in their preferred ways.

Toronto Raptors vs. Utah Jazz
Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET at Vivint Arena in Utah

Low Number

The spread stood out to me -- losing team Toronto is dogged by only three points in Utah, which is a tough place to play.

The Jazz typically thrive against losing teams when they visit Utah.

Most recently, they beat the visiting Hornets, Magic, and Wizards by more than three points each.

Three-Point Shooting

Tonight's game will be decided mostly behind the arc.

Whereas the Raptors are one of the least efficient three-point shooting teams -- they are especially poor away from their home floor -- the Jazz love shooting threes especially at home.

Three different Jazz players attempt more than seven threes per game -- Lauri Markkanen, Jordan Clarkson, and Malik Beasley.

They and their teammates have a soft test today in the sense that Toronto allows the fifth-highest frequency of wide-open threes.

Yearly, Utah does a lot to generate wide open looks from the basket, and they'll overwhelm the Raptor defense in this way.
Your thoughts on spurs/kings worries me a little bout my Sabonis props (his p/a/r more so than boards) but I know I saw things I liked to play him and I would absolutely prefer a closer game. Little scared bout his assist total now as I assume he gets quite a few kicking to shooters? Hopefully his points and boards can overcome that.
When I look at the numbers spurs allowing from behind the arc it doesn’t really seem to line up with their overall lacking d or the 3 point numbers, percentage allowed or attempts. Odd.