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IIHF 2023 Games

Time: 9:20am EST/6:20am PDT

Location: Riga, Latvia

Norway -115 (regulation time)
Norway -1.5 (+140)
NHL network showing USA game 9:20/6:20am

ESPN+ has Canada game 9:20/6:20am

*For US Viewers only*

If YouTube TV had NHLNetwork it would be perfect.

FuboTV has NHLNetwork but not TNT.

I went with YouTube. Reason being I get all the NHLNetwork content on the NHL app within 24 hours of its original broadcast.

A USA regulation win and a showcase of Canadian offence would be a great start to the week.

Also, wtf is that logo? Euro shit is always so weird to me.
Slovenia is up 2-0 and they’re still +120 at DraftKings

It’s a play
Guess there was good reason Slovenia was still +120 while up 2-0

no way they score again, my feel on these international games suck