Hulu's 2023 NBA Playoffs

Great start!

He a beast, one the few constants these playoffs, book shows up pretty much every game and large when they really need him. I dunno if suns can do it again gm4? Him and kd logging heavy minutes and having to work a ton. I think I trust book to go off again, without cp3 he just gonna have ball in his hands so much he can’t help but score. I think nugs have more guys better suited to guard kd than they do booker. Dunno if 20-25 happening again, that just sick! But he going over 30 if suns have any chance imo.
For Tuesday...

2* Boston -7 -110

I really hate this team. Now that they let Philly back in series usually the time to bet them tho. Just annoys me they have no killer instinct, same shit every series every year, they don’t feel threatened they play lax, it really is redic! I know it ain’t super uncommon for series to go a certain way but they are flat out better than a lot these teams they allow to take them 6-7 games. The broken down nets team was only one they slammed the door on that I can recall. No clue how they let harden go off with the kind of d they capable of playing on perimeter players? I thought they understood Embid can go for 30+ and it won’t matter long as they don’t leave the shooters! But sure as shit there they were leaving harden wide open with game on the line. I have no doubt the reason he beat them game 1 was cause they saw Embid was out so thought they could skate!!! I guess their coach gets a bonus for saving timeouts kinda like ppl do if they don’t use all their allotted off days! Down 1 with 15 seconds shouldn’t they have been able to get 2 shots instead of not even getting off the 1! Lol
Results to date...

Sides 17-25-1 -10.82*
Totals 12-14-1 -3.35*
Props 16-7 +7.03*
Live/2H 4-4 +0.05*
Parlays 3-2 +1.40*
Futures 2-1 -1.45*

Overall 54-53-2 -7.14*

Still having a rough ride

Pending Futures...
1* Phoenix Series +140
1* Denver Series -1.5 games -180
1* Boston Series -185
1* Golden State Series -130
No shit. He came out looking like Steph's cousin hitting 3 ball after 3 ball

Kinda like the opposite of my klay over bet in game 5. At least it wasnt a drug out excruciating ordeal like begging klay to score was. You could go to sleep and forget that one early! Lol
1* BOS / MIA under 214 -110
Only thing that concerns me is just like the other night, when the game was on the line the Celtics nonexistent defense basically became a layup drill for the Heat. They are fundamentally not good on defense in long spurts.