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10-2 last week
Sunday's Early posted play.
Browns -3 (-145) over Pitt. 10 units

Steelers won last time on 4 Browns turnovers. Steelers scored 4 of 5 times on Browns turnovers.
Pitt crossed midfield once on offense without the benefit of a turnover. They punted 7 times!
Cle also didnt have RB Hunt on the team in that game and lost Chubb early in the first half.
Steelers have ben out-yarded in every game this year!

Pitt played its last 4 games against 3 losing teams. Steelers also scored only 27 total points in the three losses to winners.
Now you know the rest of the story... Good day!

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Nov 13th 10:01 PM
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Nov 19th 1:00 PM
[NFL] [452] CLE BROWNS -3-145 (B+½)

Thursday play later.
More Sunday-Monday
Ugh, I was ready to unload on this too and now no Watson.
I wasnt sure if he was actually starting or not. I knew he had an ankle issue from the Balt game. So Im not surprised he's out.

The bet was made against the Steelers because the Browns defense is dominant. Steelers are a low scoring team.
I expect an easy win and cover, regardless of who starts at QB for CLE. Last game CLE had 4 turnovers as noted in my writeup.
Cincy +3(even) over Baltimore. 3 units

Bengals defense last 4 games has been outstanding vs solid opponents.
Browns posted above.
With line movement - Recommed ML -130 play on CLE.

Chargers -2.5 (-123) <(BOL) over Packers. 3 units.

Arizona +5.5 over Houston. 3 units
Murray is the play factor. AZ scores 24pts game avg. when he starts.

Tennessee +7(-135) over J'Ville. 3 units
Titans have held the last 5 opponents ti 24 points or less.
Tannehill is the offensive difference toda

Dallas -9.5 (-130) over Carolina. 3 units
Boys are averaging 40 points per game vs teams with poor QB's
Buy the 1 point. Dont want to waste a possible 17 point lead with a back door score.

More at 4.
Monday Nighter.
Plilly +3 over KC.

Chiefs struggle scoring vs better defenses. In 2 games vs Denver they managed only 28 points in total. In their 2 losses on the season, they scored less points than their overall season avaeg. Ironically - BOTH losses were home games.
In the Detroit loss the Lions were healthy on opening day and in the 6 games ending last season Detroit was one of the best defenses in the league. Thy allowed only 16 opts per game on average to opponents, from what I recall.

Philly has NOT been the defense they were a year ago but thy still score well.
In contrast - they are averaging 28pts per game. They did underperform badly in the Jets loss, but they also has 4 turnovers. (Much like when KC had 5 turnovers in the Denver loss in Denver.)

What's really vivid in this game at this time of the year, is that KC is down 6 points per game in offense while at the same time they are 6 pts better on defense.
The other factor is that KC is facing the highest scoring team tonight in this game on their schedule with the Eagles averaging 28pts. Only Dallas has scored more this year then Philly and Philly beat them.28-23.

Can KC exceed their season average on offense against a team that is a plus +6 in overall scoring?
Another 23 pt game by KC should fall short of a win.

Their lost to Detroit was Home on opening day. Detroit is also a plus scoring team with nearly the same numbers as Philly.

In addition, Philly had two games against Washington where the Skiins scored 31points twice this year on Philly? Could that be lack a of motivation, knowing they are a losing opponent?

I guess we'll find out on kickoff.

My Play
Eagles +3 (-135) (Buy the half)
5 units