*****G-Man's NFL Week 10*****


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Carolina +3.5 over Chicago. 3 units
Carolina has the most productive QB (Young) with more experience even though he's a rookie.
This is the type game the Panthers could win with the Bears weak offense in every category.
Bears QB agent has terrible rating at 70.
Young is a bit better at a 77 rating but this is the absolute worst team that Carolina is facing this year.
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Colts ML -125 over Patriots. 3 units
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Posted early play^^^
Sunday .1PM
Browns +6.5 over Baltimore. 3 units.
We'll find out if Stefanski can stop blowing leads.

Houston +6.5(-120) over Bengals. 3 units.
Battle of former Buckeyes QB's...

Vikings +3.5(120) over Saints. 4 units.
Saints arent as good as SF or KC even though Both teams had injuries when playing Vikings.
Dobbs has played as well as Cousins and he runs better..
Vikes defense is good at home and could chase Carr down who doesnt do well in road games. Saints have scored 20, 17 and 13 points and played all 5 games vs negative scoring teams.. In the 2 road wins they played a broken NE team and Colts team that was allowing 27 pts per game.
This is the first team (Vikings) they played with a "Plus" scoring differential who can play defense. All other five road game were against negative scoring teams.

SF -ML-170 over Jags. 4 units
Jags have not played a home game and won vs a positive scoring team. They lost to KC and Houston, both plus coring teams. \
Jags have 3rd best run defense but its was against mostly losers or team on the down side.. They also are 31st against the pass which is what SF does. WR Samuels is back!
No problem .
SF ML is the right side.

Packers +3.5 (120) over Pitt. 3 units
Cheeseheads finally got it right last week.
Steelers have been out gained in every game this year. Luck runs out for them today and its a road cover for GV.

More at 4.
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Posted 1Pm plays.^^^^
4:pM plays later.
Arizona +2.5 over Atlanta. 4 units
Arizona was a plus 4 scoring team when Murray played before his injury a year ago.

Chargers +2.5 over Lions. 3 units.
Detroit is one of the lowest scoring teams in road games. In last 2 times only averaged 13 points.

Raiders +1 over Jets. 3 units
Raiders can score... The Jets dont.
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